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Haiku poetry has three lines with a total of 17 syllables. Its subject matter is usually something about nature. The syllables are arranged in the pattern:

    5 syllables
    7 syllables
    5 syllables

Beautiful sunrise
Clouds gather
Everything as it should be
Or is it?
—Susan Ode

Local governments
build the future when we all
fight global storming.
—Susan Ode

Temperatures rising
threaten storms, droughts, turbulence
Stop that CO2!
—Susan Ode

infrared heat trap
it's global storming
—Susan Ode

Next generation
Knows we've screwed climate unless
We get hydrogen
—Mike Sandler

We can fix climate
No stress mellow out just breathe
Whoops more CO2
—Mike Sandler

Make them save climate
Sunglasses Kung fu techno
Like in the Matrix
—Mike Sandler

Have you been inside
A greenhouse on a hot day
The plants wilt and die
—Doron Amiran

To live is to breathe
Air that is both clear and pure
Deny it, we die
—Doron Amiran

Sure I like the sun
But spots on my skin aren't cool
Save the ozone now
—Doron Amiran

Sox, Nox, CO2
Methane, ozone, CO2 -
trapped in atmosphere
—Susan Ode

Methane, CO2
no laughs with nitrous oxide
trapped in atmosphere.
—Susan Ode

Hummers guzzle oil
Students ask why climate change
Get mad then drive home
—Mike Sandler

Carbon counting makes
Staying home and being still
Political act
—Mike Sandler

Cheney edits Whitman
Climate censorship shows fear
Of telling the truth
—Mike Sandler

Let me hear you say
I can change myself and world
Peace and love not oil
—Mike Sandler

Park car turn lights out
Sharing shower saves water
Safe climate sexy
—Mike Sandler

Cars drive smokestacks belch
The gas has nowhere to go
Traps the heat like glass
—Doron Amiran

Lungs expand and fill
With air that is clean and pure
Barring too many cars
—Doron Amiran

CO2 haiku
Is not so easy to do
I'm getting hot now
—Doron Amiran

Ode to a Bike
Carbon dioxide hurts
Bike riding help human hearts
Get on yer bike now!
--Jake Mackenzie, 9/23/03
Those who live in a
Greenhouse can't afford to breathe out
Lots of hot air
—Catherine Sharp, 9/23/03
Hot or not you got
To know to slow the flow of
Air, Earth‚s CO2
—Catherine Sharp, 9/23/03
Tiny molecules
Add up to make a very
Big heavy problem
—Dave Erickson, 9/23/03
Pay tertiary?
Graton flushes to redwoods
Secondary saves
—Merrilyn Joyce, 9/23/03
Design with nature
Remember biogases
Cows, worms, redwood trees
—Merrilyn Joyce, 9/23/03
Can't see climate change!
Savin'money costs too much!
Kelley warns, we warm
—Merrilyn Joyce, 9/23/03
Reduce by one fifth
First step to protect climate
Together no sweat
—Merrilyn Joyce, 9/23/03
When we understand
That we each make a difference
We help change the world
—Anonymous, 9/23/03
Saving gasoline
When we learn easy ways to
Become effortless
—Anonymous, 9/23/03
Where are the glaciers?
They disappeared yesterday
A lack of forethought
—Brad Shirhall, Sacramento 2/12/04
A planner's brain can't
help but think about forethought
and missing glaciers
—Ann Hancock 2/12/04
Keep our planet safe
Solar electricity
The sun is the way.
—Melissa Berman, age 11, 6/19/04
Bad, bad CO2
The Day After Tomorrow
Could happen to you.
—Melissa Berman, age 11, 6/19/04
Climate change’snt news
Kelley says not to worry
Damn! our press melted
—Dawn Pillsbury, 6/19/04
Roses are red
Violets are blue
CO2 is a gas
But I can’t do haiku.
—Brian Hines, 6/19/04
Animals and trees
Flowers in the sky
Put them in the greenhouse.
—Felicia Abramson, age 5, 6/19/04
Global warming sucks
You drive SUVs and trucks
Time to stop you schmucks.
—Arun Rao, 6/19/04
Do we grow gills, wings?
Global warming exists surely
Adapt we must or.
—Arun Rao, 6/19/04
Love is everything
You do give so much to me
I love you always.
—Louise Espinoza, 6/19/04
The Earth our mother
She feeds and nourishes us
Let’s take care of her.
—Nina Bindi, 6/19/04
As I look at trees
I thank the sky for the air
As my breath leaves me.
—Shirley Johnson, 6/19/04
See the sky pure
Poisons hidden deep inside
Let’s rid ourselves now.
—Rosa Landeros, 6/19/04
Solar wind hydro
Merry rainbow whirl
Sunflower smiling all day
Solar wind each play.
—Mary Culberson, 6/19/04
Earth feels round blue green
Put it in a jar, seal it
Keep it dear, preserve.
—Emily Heil, age 3
(with Abi Muthu), 6/19/04
Today’s hot facts hurt
The future has a fever
Shut down now and chill.
—Ann Hancock, 6/19/04
A frog in water
Doesn't feel it boil in time.
Dude, we are that frog.
Haiku Hullabaloo winner,
Grist Magazine, July 2004

—Otis Holt 9/28/04

Floating motionless
In the gently soothing eye
Of my own fierce storm.
—Otis Holt, 6/15/05

Photo by Georgia Woods


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