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Carbon Pricing Cap & Dividend AB32 - National Legislation - Act Now - EAAC Report

Peter Barnes
Peter Barnes

Assembly Bill 32, California's Global Warming Solutions Act, presents an historic opportunity with global implications. California can show how to correct the problems inherent in the European Trading System for cap and trade.

Thanks to Campaign Advisor Peter Barnes and Co-founder Mike Sandler, since December 2005 we have worked intently to ensure a positive outcome of AB32's implementation process.

Check out Mike's Climate Blog on Huffington Post
Mike Sandler photo
Mike Sandler

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is now working on the development of rules that will determine the design of California's market-based solutions. The legislature is also considering bills that will determine how revenue resulting from the implementation of AB 32 will be allocated. The Campaign wants to insure that revenue allocation is effective and fair and favors an approach known as Cap & Dividend

To read ARB's scoping plan which contains the main strategies California will use to reduce the greenhouse gases, to see upcoming workshops on the development of rules for AB 32 implementation, or to make a comment go to

Rafael Aguilera of the Verde Group has been working with the Campaign in Sacramento since January 2008, educating policymakers about the importance of inclusion of all carbon in the economy, selling permits rather than giving them away, recycling permit revenue to individuals, and allowing no offsets or safety valves.

Rafael Aguilera served as a Latino Caucus Intern for Assembly Majority Floor Leader Marco Antonio Firebaugh, a junior policy committee consultant for the Senate Environmental Quality Committee under the chairmanship of Senator Byron Sher, an environmental consultant for Assemblymember Lori Saldana, and a climate policy analyst for Environmental Defense. Rafael was a key member of the legislative team that passed AB 32 in 2006.

Raphael Aguilera photo
Rafael Aguilera

To learn about the market-based approach to fighting global warming that the Campaign promotes, check out the clear and compelling 22-page "Carbon Capping: A Citizen's Guide" by Peter Barnes.

Carbon Capping: A Citizen's Guide

In a lead editorial in the July issue, the Scientific-American calls upon Congress "to set a cap on fossil-fuel production before Copenhagen, phase in a price on carbon at its source, and send the proceeds back to the taxpayer."

The editorial explains: "There is a way to keep strong price signals on fossil fuels without emptying consumers' wallets: send the proceeds of the auction back to citizens as rebates. Energy from fossil fuels would become more expensive, as it must, yet the rebates would help offset the extra costs to consumers..." To read the full article.

Scientific American

For more information results and presentations from a recent summit on Carbon Pricing

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