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Marin Energy Authority - First Community Choice Aggregation in California to Go Live

From "Top 10 Stories of 2010," North Bay Business Journal, January 3, 2011, by Jenna V. Loceff

Marin Clean Energy was established in Marin to provide an alternative energy option for residents and business owners.

Marin Clean Energy is a Community Choice Aggregation. It was established by California Assembly Bill 117 in 2002, which gave cities and counties the authority to procure electricity on behalf of customers within their jurisdictions.

The agencies are set up so PG&E delivers the electricity, reads the electric meters and issue bills. But generation of electricity and the price would be determined locally.

The Marin-based energy authority was created in December 2008 to address climate change by attempting to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. The program launched in 2010.

Also, the authority is addressing issues relating to securing energy supply, price stability and energy efficiencies.

According to the MEA its intent is to promote the development of a wide range of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency programs including, but not limited to, solar and wind energy production at competitive rates for customers.

The authority has created a program that it hopes will help stimulate local renewable energy assets.

Starting Jan. 1, the Feed-In Tariff program will allow local residents and property owners who have small-scale renewable generation systems, like solar or wind, the opportunity to sell the electrical output directly to Marin Clean Energy. It will then sell it back to consumers.

Link to slides presented by Marin Supervisor Charles McGlashan [12.1mb], February 2011.

Link to similar presentation from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on Clean Power SF.

Link to PD March 23, 2011 article Sonoma County may launch public power agency.

Link to videos of Feb. 2, 2011 McGlashan presentation.

Link to Profile of Lori Grace, pioneer philanthropist, and Marin Clean Energy supporter and investor.

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