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Many participate in the Sonoma County Climate Protection Campaign - local elected officials, County and city staff, teachers, students, business people, activists, and regular concerned citizens. Our partners


Brant Arthur

Brant Arthur · Implementation Manager Transportation

Brant manages the implementation of the transportation and solid waste components of Sonoma County's Community Climate Action Plan. He recently completed a Master's Degree in Development Practice focusing on engaging local governments and climate change. He implemented sustainability programs for non-profits in Boston, worked with students to fund solar projects in Western China, and organized stakeholders to halt urban sprawl in Brisbane, Australia.

Chris Cone

Chris Cone · Implementation Manager

Chris Cone is an Implementation Manager for the Climate Protection Campaign overseeing the implementation of energy efficiency strategies identified in the Community Climate Action Plan ( Chris is the CPC liaison to the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA) and is assisting with the development and launch of the RCPA's new Countywide Retrofit/Renewables Program ( Chris was the technical editor for the CPC's Community Climate Action Plan and is currently working with Solar Sonoma County ( to develop its Solar Implementation Plan. She is a founding member of the Thousand Home Challenge NorCal Collaborative, which is developing guidelines for deep energy reductions in residences, and is a certified Home Energy Rating System rater.

Ann Hancock

Ann Hancock · Executive Director and Co-Founder

Ann co-founded the Climate Protection Campaign in 2001. With over 25 years in community leadership, education, and fundraising, she has been a sustainability planner for the County of Marin, commentator for, human sexuality instructor at Humboldt State University, and real estate broker. She has a Masters in Public Health Administration and Planning, UCB.


Lora Neffson · Executive Assistant

Lora has nearly 14 years of community-based, human services experience in office administration and direct services. She has a BA in Sociology, has been a resident of Sonoma County for 20 years, and is a passionate advocate for reducing greenhouse gases.

Barry Vesser

Barry Vesser · Deputy Director

Barry began working with the Campaign in 2005. Prior to this, Barry directed a nonprofit in the Sierras and built the organization from total resources of less than $8000 to in excess of $2,103,000 in less than seven years. He also worked as director of a nonprofit promoting organic agriculture in Nepal and as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. He has an M.A. in International Public Administration.

Key Consultants

Raphael Aguilera photo

Raphael Aguilera · Legislative Specialist

The Campaign hired Rafael Aguilera of the Verde Group to work on ensuring a positive outcome for AB32's implementation process in Sacramento. Aguilera served as a Latino Caucus Intern for Assembly Majority Floor Leader Marco Antonio Firebaugh, an environmental consultant for Assemblymember Lori Saldana, and a climate policy analyst for Environmental Defense. Rafael was a key member of the legislative team that passed AB 32 in 2006.

Dave Erickson

Dave Erickson · Technical Consultant

Dave spent 25 years as a software and systems engineer, working primarily in startup companies. In 2001 he returned to school and received a degree in Energy Management and Design from SSU. Dave worked for the Campaign from 2003 to 2009 as Technical Director and was instrumental in developing the Community Climate Action Plan for Sonoma County. He now serves as a part time consultant.

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